“The serenity of Landour gives you inner peace. Much needed for someone who is used to chaotic city life. Untouched beauty. Unexplored hamlet. Unbelievable hospitality. We visit here every year. It’s like pressing the ‘Refresh’ button of life.”

– Sachin & Anjali Tendulkar

“A surprisingly wonderful experience in the quaint town of Landour. They make sure you fall in love with Rokeby with their lovely service and spectacular views. It’s elite … yet so unpretentious that all you want to do is come back for more. In winters, there are two things that can keep you warm. One is a hot cuppa and the other is Rokeby’s hospitality.”

– Arshad Warsi

“A great place to meet old friends, some time or the other they all end up at Rokeby Manor.”

– Ruskin Bond

“Landour is a small, sweet slice of heaven on earth and this picture perfect town is now being discovered by those in pursuit of slow luxury.”

– Parmesh Shahani, Verve Editor-at-Large